Sunday, October 18, 2009

aAnkhon mEin tEri...

tHe sOng iS tAken fRom tHis mOvie...oM sHanti oM...aNd tHat iS oNe oF mY fAvouritesOng...aNd sInce mOst oF u dIdn't kNow wHo iS uMroa jAan...hEre tHe mEaning oF tHe sOng iN eNglish...

dEdicate tO mY lOved oNe...

tHe beautiful night is here after all
fOrtune is smilling as well you seen
tHe beauty who is loved by the world from far is standing
rIght here, next to me

tHere are million things i want to say
bUt my heart questions me here
wHat i tell you in my freams every day
sHould i whisper it in your ear

iN your eyes there is this magic i see
mAgic of a moonlit night
yOur breath blows like a wind around me
cArrying my heart away like a weightless kite

gRace and beauty walk with you
oH what a lovely sight
aNd the moon bows down to you
tO beg for same ivory light

yOur gaze has seared my heart so bad
hOpe it is not in vain
i wAnt to drown in your eyes
fOrever never to surface again...

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