Thursday, October 14, 2010

tHe amazing race!!!episode 2...

sOrry for the late review...been buzy lately...dont have time to watch here's the review after watch this episode...and the review i copy from here...hahaha...

tHe ten remaining teams, fresh off Ron and Tony's elimination, set off from Eastnor Castle in England and headed off to a new destination: Accra, Ghana. Jill and Thomas were still happy to have won the Express Pass. Brook and Claire were willing to play on Brook's charms with locals to go far and hopefully nail their first victory. Kevin wasn't confident to have Michael as a partner due to his physical limitations. And Andie and Jenna were really hoping to learn more about each other. All ten teams wound up on the same flight to Accra.

uPon arrival, teams were in shock at how full of traffic the streets of Accra were, as well as how many impoverished people there were. A few teams had people even reaching in through windows to try and get money from them.

aFter getting their first clue at a memorial, the teams' first task ended up being a Roadblock. It saw one member of each team being tasked with selling sunglasses to earn fifteen cedi, the equivalent of ten dollars in Ghana's currency. Brook, Rachel, Michael, Chad, Jill, Connor, Kat, Nick, Mallory, and Jenna all took the task for their teams. Brook, Rachel, Michael, and Chad all sped through the task, while Jill, Connor, Kat, Nick, Mallory, and Jenna all struggled. Brook's charm helped her speed through the task quickly, as did Michael's charm and Chad's flirting with the potential female buyers. Jill, Kat, Nick, Mallory, and Jenna were all very poor at selling, though.

tHe Detour was a choice between Tune In or Check Out. Tune involved finding a marked path and installing a television antenna to an owner's satisfaction. Check Out involved choosing a coffin and transporting it to a showroom. Brook and Claire, Michael and Kevin, Chad and Stephanie, Nick and Vicki, and Gary and Mallory all chose and completed Tune In. Katie and Rachel, Jill and Thomas, Nat and Kat, and Andie and Jenna all chose and completed Check Out. Connor and Jonathan initially chose Tune In, but switched to Tune Out when the task proved to be too difficult for them. Most teams found it easily, but Gary and Mallory, Nat and Kat, and Andie and Jenna had trouble finding it mainly due to the fact that they all got clueless, incompetent drivers who had no idea where they were going. All of them went right by it and had to turn back around.

iN the end, Brook and Claire arrived at the Pit Stop first! They won a ten-day trip for two to Hawaii, courtesy of Travelocity, as their prize. Katie and Rachel came in second. Michael and Kevin finished third. Chad and Stephanie checked in fourth. Jill and Thomas made it to the Pit Stop in fifth. Connor and Jonathan clocked in sixth. Nat and Kat, thanks to having a risk-taking driver, were right behind them in seventh. Nick and Vicki improved on their last finish, coming in eighth. This left things down to Gary and Mallory and Andie and Jenna. As it turned out, the father and daughter managed to slip into ninth place, saving themselves for another leg. This left Andie and Jenna to finish last . . . and, through no fault but their taxi driver's, be eliminated.

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